The Ofer Brothers Group Shipping
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The Ofer Brothers Group owns and operates Israel's largest privately-owned shipping enterprise, and has been active in shipping for almost fifty years.

The Group's fleet consists of more than 30 vessels, all ISO 9002-certified.
The Group responds to customers' growing and changing needs by ongoing acquisition of newer and larger ships. High demand for ships in the fleet reflects the Group's emphasis on efficient, high-quality management and service.

The fleet includes container vessels, car carriers, reefers, bulk carriers, tankers and multi-purpose ships. Its vessels are chartered by Israel's largest transporters, including Zim Israel Navigation, Agrexco Agricultural Export, Israel Electric Corporation and Israel Oil Refineries.

The Group through Israel Corp owns Zim Israel Navigation Ltd. the twelfth largest fleet in the world.

The Group's shipping activities are directed by Ehud Angel as chief executive officer with Yehuda (Yuli) Ofer acting as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The 'Durban Star', a container ship The 'Carmel Exotic', a reefer vessel The 'Ori A', a tanker

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